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I’m Juliette, a NZ Register Dietitian

A little bit about your NZ dietitian

I was born in Brittany, north west of France.

Since my childhood, I’ve always been into sports and I started athletics (cross country and steeple) at 12. As I was intensifying my running practice for the 10k French championship, I began to experience some health issues and amenorrhea. After a hospital stay, I was directed to a sport dietitian, and it was a revelation. I knew nothing about nutrition at this stage and we changed a lot of things in my diet. My overall health improved, along with my athletic performance. From this moment, I knew I wanted to become a dietitian.

During my first year of practice back in France, I realised that the majority of my patients suffered from digestive issues. So, I delved into the subject and followed the low FODMAP diet training from Monash University. For the record, I did this course and sit the exam during my quarantine when I came back to NZ after a holidays in France !

I’ve never stopped studying nutrition and dietetics. My personal and professional experiences led me to become a dietitian with a high focus on gut disorders, auto-immune diseases (e.g. Hashimoto) and women health.

Today, I help people getting better through diet and lifestyle. I often use functional testing (e.g. SIBO test) and also focus on micronutrition.

My diplomas & certifications

Massey uni NZ dietitian

MSc Nutrition & Dietetics, Massey University, New Zealand – Dietitian NZ

Hormonology course, DFM formation

AIP coach certificate training

Bachelor Nutrition Food, Prevention and Culinary Innovation, major sensory analysis, Bordeaux University, France

Cooking degree, Lille, France

Monash FODMAP Online dietitian course

HYGIE ONE, by Lisa Salis, nutrition, nutritherapy, naturopathy,

DUT Biology & Dietetics, Lille, France