I’m Juliette, a Frenchie NZ Register Dietitian

« Eating healthy is good, but digesting food to be able to enjoy its benefits is much better!»

A little bit about me

I was born in Brittany, France and I “fell” in the nutrition field when I was a young athlete. Since then, I’ve never stopped studying nutrition and dietetics. My personal and professionnel experiences led me to become a dietitian with a high focus on gut disorders, auto-immune diseases (e.g. Hashimoto) and hormonal unbalanced.

Today, I help people getting better through food and micronutrition.

My mission

Help people getting better through food, micronutrition & lifestyle


Dietitian in France since 2016, registered in NZ 2023


Digestive issues, auto-immune diseases, hormonal unbalance

My degrees

  • MSc Nutrition & Dietetics, Massey University, New Zealand
  • HYGIE ONE, by Lisa Salis, nutrition, nutritherapy, naturopathy,
  • AIP training coach certificate
  • Monash FODMAP Online dietitian course (Monash University training)
  • Bachelor Nutrition Food, Prevention and Culinary Innovation, major sensory analysis, Bordeaux University, France
  • Cooking degree, Lille, France
  • DUT Biology & Dietetics, Lille, France