How to stay motivated on the low FODMAP diet?

How to stay motivated on the low FODMAP diet ?

If you’ve already tried the low FODMAP diet, or you’re currently following it, you probably realised it’s not that easy.

I’ve tried it so I know what you’re expiring.

Let me share with you 4 tips to keep the motivation up.

#1 Focus on what you can eat

If you, like me, used to cook with garlic and onions all the time, you probably are going to miss them.

But instead mourning them, let see this as a culinary challenge.

There are many ways to cook delicious low-FODMAPs meals (see some tips here )

By the way, FODMAPs can’t dissolve in fat, so garlic-infused oil if perfectly fine!

#2 Be prepared

The best way to “fail” the diet is to have all your favourite high-FODMAP snacks in your pantry.

The efficiency of the low FODMAP diet stars even before it already began!

Like a marathon, how you get ready for it is as important as the race.

Also, mental health plays a huge role; hence, it can’t be neglected.

So grab your phone, download the Monash University app and fill your pantry with low-FODMAP snack options.

Remember, when we talk about FODMAPs, it’s all about how much.

I advise you to weigh your snacks foods (chocolate, nuts, fruits, etc.) and to keep them either in your pantry or in the freezer in order to always have something ready when you’re hungry. This will avoid you using your scale all the time.

low FODMAP diet starter guide with recipes

#3 All the good things have an end…and the less good ones as well!

Keep in mind that the elimination phase of the low FODMAP diet shouldn’t last more than 6 weeks. After that, you should either start the challenge phase, or if you don’t see any symptoms improvement, consider other options with your dietitian.

The low FODMAP diet isn’t a long-term diet.

Told yourself that everything has an end to stay motivated on the low FODMAP diet

#4 Celebrate!

How could I celebrate something I don’t like ?!”

Well, let me explain what I mean.

I truly recommend that you write the date you start the diet in your calendar.

Then, if you’re like 75% of people following the low FODMAP diet, you’ll manage to identify your trigger and how much you can eat those foods without having any symptoms (and if you do no see any improvements, you at least know that something else trigger your IBS symptoms).

Therefore, this date will be the day you decided to say “stop” and consider your IBS as something which is part of you but does not define who you are.

Celebrate to stay motivated on the low FODMAP diet

Living with IBS and try to follow a low-FODMAP diet isn’t easy.

But remember: you are not alone.

So please, do not stay by yourself.

Today, there are heaps of people and resources available to help you.

Ask for help.

And one last thing: talk about it. The more IBS will be known, the more it be acknowledged.

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