Low FODMAP diet recipe book

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What you will get with this low FODMAP diet book :

  • Tables of the FODMAP food portions by category
  • My best advices to get yourself ready
  • Tips to build your low FODMAP plate
  • Low FODMAP swap examples
  • 2-week menus with easy low FODMAPs recipes (all gluten-free and vegetarian-friendly)



Is the low FODMAP diet recipe book for you?

Well, if…

You’re fed up with having diarrhoea, constipation or both ?

You’re fed up with being constantly bloated?

You know your symptoms are related to your diet but you can’t yet identify which foods trigger them?

You have a sports competition (such as a half or a full marathon) and you are looking for menu ideas to eat the days before the competition?

You have heard about the low FODMAP diet but you don’t know where to start?

The book is for you !

This book is all you need to know about the low FODMAP diet. It starts by explaining what are the FODMAPs, where do we find them and why they can be problematic.

Then, I give you my best tips for getting ready and implementing the low FODMAP diet. I explain how to build a delicious low FODMAP plate and easy swaps you can make.

This book also provides a two-week low FODMAP menu with the recipe. Recipes are tested, approved and illustrated.

Low FODMAP desserts, snacks, meals, bread, drinks and sauces are all in there for you !

The FODMAP foods content is detailed in tables.

This book will make your life way easier than looking online for recipes or constantly checking if you can’t or can eat the food (and how much) during the low FODMAP diet, because everything is in there!

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About the author of the low FODMAP diet recipe book

My name is Juliette, I am a French and NZ Registered Dietitian. My areas of expertise are digestive health, women’s health and auto-immune disease.

I created this book as many people don’t have access to the “true” information about the low FODMAP diet. There are many FODMAP lists and recipes out there, but they are not all correct.

Also, many people I see lack ideas and practical tips. I first created this book for my patient to have all we talked about (and more) during our meetings. I decided to give access to everyone in need .