Low FODMAP diet Indian recipes

traditionnal indian food that are naturaly or can be made low fodmap

Most of traditional Indian recipes contain garlic and/onion, which made them not suitable for the low FODMAPs diet (and I’m not even talking about the pulses or the spices that can also trigger your IBS-symptoms).

However, during my 3 weeks trip in India (my partner is from there), I realized that some Indian meals and desserts are low FODMAP, or can be easily be made low FODMAPs.

So if you are from India and you’re terribly missing your traditional foods, or if you’re just an India food lover (like me), but can’t handle it anymore, here some low FODMAPs recipes and tips to satisfy your cravings!

Low FODMAP diet Indian recipes

Kadu (“pumkin”)

Several Indian kadu recipes exist. For example you can cook kadu with mashed pumpkin, cumin and fennel, or a onion and garlic-free masala (ok, it’s not really a masala anymore) with turmeric, chili, tomato and ginger.

Use kabocha squash which is low FODMAP to make this recipe. Serve with a protein food source such as meat, paneer (no more than 40 g per portion) or some eggs.


Idli are small rice and urad dahl thick pancakes. We often eat them with chutney.

Idli are easy to make and can even be served for breakfast. Because all pulses haven’t been tested by the Monash University, I recommend to made idli with 80% rice and 20% urad dahl.

low fodmap diet indian recipes

Uttapam (“rice pancake”)

Uttapam are made as idli but these time we use the dough as a big pancakes. Again, use mostly rice to made them and pick a LF chutney, lactose-free yoghurt or any others LF food/preparation to serve with.

Peanut dosa

Dosa are a kind of rice and urad dhal fermented crepe, but other grains and pulses can be used. For the full recipe, have a look here.



This typical rice and lentils easy-to-digest dish Indian meal can easily be made LF if you use mostly rice and up to 40 g of lentils.


Poha is a flat rice-based dish served with peanut, raw tomato, rice-based vermicelli)

Here a great recipe. Omit the onion for a LF version.


Thali is not really a dish, but a mix of different foods : dahl, kefta, mixed cooked veggies, ect. – look for LF option and serve with ragi (millet) or soghum based “crepe”.

low fodmap diet indian recipes

Bitter Gourd

Bitter gourd are traditional Indian green vegetables. Mix this veggie with a LF homemade tomato sauce, or serve with a egg/paneer or meat dish.

low fodmap diet indian vegetable


Traditionally wheat flour-based, you can easily make paratha gluten free and LF. I use rice and millet flour and I have great result. Add some ajwain (carraway seed), it will be a perfect match !

low fodmap diet indian paratha

Tinda based dish

Also called Indian squash or apple gourd, tinda is a great LF vegetable. Serve with any low FODMAPs indian meal.

low fodmap diet indian vegetable

You can find most of the traditional Indian veggies & spices in your Indian food store.

Low FODMAP diet Indian dessert

  • Gadjarela (carrot pudding) without cashew/pistachio (Brasil nuts and macadamia work well) and avoid milk (prefer plant-based milk).

low fodmap diet indian desert recipe from frombowltosoul.com
From frombowltosoul.com

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