Coconut yoghurt

Here the perfect coconut yoghurt recipe ! Super easy, cheap, lactose free (and low FODMAP*).

I love coconut yoghurt but in-store ones are very expensive so I decided to make my own.

After several attempts, here is a recipe that always works – at least for me !

Coconut yoghurt ingredients

  • 400 ml coconut cream with minimum of 60% coconut cream
  • 1 yoghurt starter sachet or 2 tbsp of former yoghurt
  1. Sterilize your jarsand your spatula (boiling water is sufficient).
  2. Mix the coconut cream with the yoghurt starter or former yoghurt
  3. Place it in your yoghurt maker for 12 hours.
  4. Let your yoghurt set in the refrigerator for 3 hours before enjoying it.

I use coconut cream (see below)for a thicker result. Nice and easy!

cream to make coconut yoghurt


*Coconut milk is moderately low in sorbitol, with level starting from 120 g. It should not pose a problem if you consume only one yoghurt.

Enjoy this yoghurt as a desert with a fruit salad for example. You can also use it in recipe such as this delicious lactose-free coconut cheese cake.

Also, this coconut yoghurt can be served with savoury foods. Sauce such as tzatziki (yoghurt, lemon juice and chopped mint) is another great way of using it.

coconut yoghurt

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